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PET Sheet Making Machine

PET Sheet Making Machine

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Product Description

PET sheet equipment production lines are divided into three types: crystallization drying PET single-screw sheet production line, crystallization-free drying twin-screw exhaust PET sheet production line, and crystallization-free drying single-screw exhaust PET sheet production line. It can be used as a single-layer and multi-layer sheet production line, and can realize co-extrusion of multiple extruders. Processing materials can process APET, PETG, RPET, etc.

PET sheet equipment production line:

1. PET single screw sheet production line (crystal drying)

2. PET sheet twin-screw exhaust production line (crystal-free drying)

3. PET sheet single screw exhaust production line (crystal-free drying)

The above three types of equipment can all co-extrude single-layer and multi-layer sheets:

 Using multi-extruder co-extrusion technology to produce multi-layer co-extrusion composite PET sheets, such as: APET/PETG, PETG/APET/PETG, APET/RPET/APET and other multi-layer composites. Widely used in thermoforming, printing, hardware packaging, etc.

         * Equipped with a distributor, the layers are uniform and the proportion of each layer is adjustable.

         * The horizontal tableting structure is more convenient for operation and maintenance.

         * The roller is powered independently, and the linear speed is controlled synchronously with the speed of the extruder.

         * The whole machine adopts PLC control to realize automatic control of parameter setting, data operation, feedback, alarm and other functions.

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