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Sheet Extrusion Line

Sheet extrusion lines can typically be used to carry out a continuous manufacturing process starting with the addition of raw material drying and crystallisation before moving on to the heating stage using a powerful barrel heater. Sheet extrusion lines is also ideal for vacuum shaping, packaging, and green food containers.

Profile Extrusion Line

Profile extrusion lines are a group of devices used to extrude and mould molten plastic polymer into profile shapes. By forcing material through a die with the desired cross-section, the offered line technique is used to create things with a set cross-sectional profile.

Personal Protective Equipment
The offered Personal Protective Equipment is made available by us in various types that is made for keeping people safe from various kinds of germs and bacteria. The offered equipment is worn to minimize peoples exposure to hazards that may cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. The offered fabric production line is used for fabric construction that includes the conversion of yarns, and sometimes fibres, into a fabric having distinctiveness determined by the materials and methods employed. The offered Personal Protective Equipment is made available by us in various specifications as per the need. The equipment is safe to use.
Eva Solar Film Extrusion Line

EVA solar film extrusion lines are a cutting-edge extrusion system installed on the line guarantees consistent film quality and dimensional stability. These are perfect for creating high-quality EVA solar films in a range of widths and thicknesses.

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